Software Updates
Electrolux Laundry Systems has a wide range of management systems and service tools available for downloading. Please note, you must login before you will be able to download updates for different Electrolux products.

CMIS, Machine Management
''Minimize costs, maximize uptime, show a job well done.
'' These three goals top any laundry professional’s wish list. And the new easy-to-use CMIS software tool helps you achieve them. To minimize costs you first need key statistics. To maximize uptime you need to anticipate glitches as well as plan for scheduled servicing. And to show a job well done you need proof that you’ve met your customers’ standards.

New Version 3.2 (Build, 20 May 2008) available for download
- New models for barrierwashers
- New models for tumble dryers

It’s recommended to update to this version.

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Download CMIS
WPM, Wash Program Manager (Version 5.3)
Wash Program Manager – WPM – is a helpful tool for those who prefer to create wash programs on a computer rather than from the keypad on the machine. Supports washing machines equipped with Clarus Control and Compass Control.
The WPM-kit consists of software on a CD-rom, one Electrolux USB Card reader and 5 pcs of SmartMemoryCards.

WPM version 5.3, build (2008-12-16)
  - Support for Windows Vista (X86)
  - New installation program based on MSI where also machine files are included in package.
     Installation directories now according to Windows Vista standard.
  - Support for Compass Control Flash Structure 4
  - Support for managing active programs on the machine
  - Improved functionality when using serial ports higher than Com 9.
  - New updated machine files
  - Improved un-installation of previous versions of WPM (required before installing WPM 5.2 and forward)
It is recommended to update to this version.

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Download WPM 5.3

CST – ELS Common Service Tool

ELS Common Service Tool is a new modularized platform for ELS Service Tools.

The ELS CST kit consists of PC-software and available manuals on a CD-rom, printed English manual and required harness for connection between machine and your PC.

This version supports functionality for uploading software / limited service program facilities for Clarus Control, Compass Control and Selecta II / Selecta Control.

Software is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Read system requirements carefully.

Installation release 1.41.0 (11 Mar 2009)
-  Major update of Compass Service with several functions added.
-  Update of Selecta Service with extended and improved functionality.
-  Now supporting software upload in Voice Guidence board
-  General update for all units with several improvements
-  Embedded help extended and improved

It is recommended to update to this version a.s.a.p.

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Download ELS CST

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